Water Filtration and Purification

Two Portable water filters 

These are the two compact water filters I am currently trying whilst out on trips, I had a guinea pig for this one.



In this video my lovely assistant is using the Woods Waterstraw from Canadian tire. This filter is good for 1500 liters of water, filters down to 0.01 microns and if used correctly will filter out 99.9% of colibacillus and legionella.

It comes with the 6 inch filter straw, 500ml water bag, sediment pre filter, a back wash syringe and a handy pipe which attaches to the bottom so you can reach that hard to reach puddle in between rocks.


Pre-filter attachment for more sediment filled water.


2ft long pipe to reach those hard to get water sauces


500ml bag


Syringe for back wash cleaning of filter

The 2nd filter that i am going to cover and am using in this video is called the life straw



The life straw filter has a life span of 1000 liters depending on the quality of water you are drinking from the more silty the shorter the life span. It filters down to 0.2 microns and again if used correctly takes out 99.9% of waterborne protozoan cysts.

This just comes with the 8 inch life straw and no attachments can be fitted onto it. Once you have finished drinking with the straw you need to self backwash (blow back through) the filter.

Both of these filters shown here are good quick ways to get clean healthy drinking water from many different sources, but they are only effective if used properly. The only way to kill 100% of Bactria and other water borne viruses is to full bring the water to a rolling boil. I will cover this in another video.


Boiling your water, the only 100% true way to make sure your water is safe from natural harmful substances whilst in the bush.

Here is what a good rolling boil looks like. As soon as this is achieved your water will be 100% safe to drink as long as the large particulates are filtered out and there is no chemical contamination.


At a large bubbled rolling boil, the water temperature has reached 100 degrees Celsius. The rolling boil is a good indicator that your water is safe (because who carries a thermometer into the woods). At just 60 degrees Celsius, all water borne pathogens that can make you sick are killed. I have been using this method for many years now and have never got sick from water I have drank. In the summer I  dip my bottle into a lake or stream (being careful not to contaminate the mouth piece with Un boiled water) to quicken the cooling process. Once cooled you will notice the water has a strange taste to it and It’s the same if you catch rain water. To get the water tasting a little better, you need to transfer the water between clean container’s multiple times to air rate air rate it. Flavored electrolye tablets or powders are a good option to help flavour the water when rum isn’t around.

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