Lashing Skills



Using 3 sticks and a length of cordage it is possible to create a structure that can be used for many different roles. A good quality tripod can be used for cooking over an open fire, smoking meat for preservation, drying clothes, water filtration, and shelter/ furniture building.

More pictures and videos to Come!

Need a comfortable chair in the woods?? No problem 


This is one of the chairs that can be created in the bush,  i made this last summer and used my life jacket as cushioning. This season I will demonstrate the lashing techniques needed to create this so you can add even more comfort to your time living easily in the woods.

In a recent trip, my friends son didn’t bring a chair so this was a perfect time to demonstrate how to build this.

I made a mistake in the video, the top horizontal support gets lashed to the back and the lower one to the front, of the seat back rest. leaving a gap of the same thickness as the 2nd A frame wood.


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