Natural Navigation

Natural Navigation part 1

Here are some ways to work out direction using nature, this is just part one as I have many more ways to show you.

Some great books on this subject are by a great guy called Tristan Gooley.

A couple of his books are:

The Natural navigator

The lost art of reading natures signs 

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Natural Navigation part 2

Between the 12 and the hour hand (pointed at the sun) on your watch shows you which way is south.


When you see a number of snow dunes like this all shaped in the same direction, this is a good indicator of which way the prevailing wind is coming from.

snow dune nav

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Quashing the myth of unreliable direction finding with moss.

Things to remember

Green moss is not a reliable indicator of direction

but if you find a brown moss growing on a tree this indicates south as brown moss likes to grow in areas that get more sun.

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