One of my favorite types of tarp shelter the 3 sided wedge. 


The advantage, of the wedge type shelter is that you are covered on all sides but one from the elements. This shelter was made by lashing two poles together, attaching the tarp to those poles then once you have pegged out the corners (around the raised bed in this case)


pull the whole construction tight using a support line to a tree or to the ground. Once this is done you may need to adjust the pegs to tighten the tarp. You can use your back pack, jacket or another tarp as a door for added comfort at night.  I will demonstrate more Variants of the wedge shelter in the future.

Another quick way to set up a tarp for an effective shelter

I used to use a variation of this one when I was in the Army.


Thanks again for watching stay tuned for more videos that will be coming from the Uk.

Hot tent and stove 


This is the packed size of the entire set up, i used my tomahawk as a size contrast. I just bought a Belgian army Bergan and this fit into that pack with room to spare and doesn’t weigh to much.

Parts used to make stove and teepee

Tee pee

10x14ft poly tarp


heavy duty gorilla duct tape

cheap para cord


18″ by 10″ stainless steel cooking pot

steel hinge

sheet of steel for latch, grill mounts and front vent

5x steel cooking trays for lightweight stove pipe

car exhaust pipe elbow and male/female connection attached to pot

steel pipe and chain for tri pod

various nuts and bolts

2x steel grills

I am looking forward to using this set up again, I just need to adjust the jack a little. All in all I had the stove burning for over 12 hours continuously. In these extreme cold environments it is a good habit to keep a pot of water warm over the fire at all times.  The stove enabled me to do that in a safe way.

Thanks for watching I hope this inspires you to get out, create gear and enjoy the wilderness.

Loads more to come