Knife Skills


This is a controversial subject among the Bushcraft and Survival world.



Here is another batoning technique to cut larger logs



Your knife is a tool, a tool that should be reliable and strong enough to accomplish all the tasks that it is meant for. If your scared of breaking it, don’t take it into the woods with you.

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Burning out a wooden mug

When you don’t have a container in the woods it is possible to make one with just a hook knife and some hot embers from your fire and bush made chopsticks.

Start by roughly shaping your container and carving out an indent where you will place your embers to burn away the wood.


Next add your embers using some green bush made chopsticks and blow on them to begin burning away the wood in the centre. Take it slow and only burn little bits at a time as heating the wood to much may cause cracks throughout. Burn with the embers and scrape with the hook knife repeat and manipulate the embers to burn the desired areas.



My end depth and shape


I used a rock to give the mug a smooth down then added so oil to the wood for the final finish.



What better way to test your creation. I will be making more so stay tuned for a more in depth video.

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How to split wood with a smaller weaker knife.

Here is how to spilt larger wood without a solid knife. This knife is a swiss army knife climber which I carry everyday.

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