The freedom trip begins!!

So it begins, our trip around Canada living free and simple out of a trailer with our two doggies Duncan and lily.

After filling up for the first time I glanced down at the range…..

We were hoping to see wild life but instead.

We got to our first boondocking site a little later than expected as we were in no hurry and stopped to get the dogs out a couple of times.

Upon turning the fridge on we realised that the propane tanks that came with the trailer only had enough propane in to test the stove and that was out so off I went to find replacement tanks. Minor mishap number one lol we are rookies at this after all.

Home set up for the night.

Not a bad place to eat breakfast and a nice break from the heat.

Onwards to L’Isle Verte boondocking site number 2

To be continued……in pictures as videos take to long to upload at the moment.

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