Natural Navigation

Here are some ways to work out direction using nature, this is just part one as I have many more ways to show you.

Some great books on this subject are by a great guy called Tristan Gooley.

click to see a couple of his books

The Natural navigator

The lost art of reading natures signs 

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1 Night chill-out in my tarp tee-pee

The woods were calling so it was time to get out and try out my tarp tee pee. I’ve been looking for a good lightweight winter shelter option for a while. One I can string to my pack, and have a good heat source inside could this be it? Out I went to the Queen Elizabeth Wetlands to explore a little, relax and above all else try out a tee pee style shelter.

I made the Tee Pee out of a 10ft  by 14ft cheap poly tarp and used the method that Lonnie from Far north Bushcraft uses to build his. One thing I will be making for it next, is a hot box to heat it. Being a shorter shelter meant that the smoke ceiling was lower as you see in the video so It got rather smokey at times even with an extra breeze to move the air around.


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Reusable water bladder

In todays society alot of us get lost in the enormous amount of gear choices out there, when it comes to bushcraft and camping. Here is one potentially free idea for you to save some money for a decent quality water bladder and the only thing that’s plastic on it is the spout. 

If your lucky enough to be in a country where Tim Hortons rules the coffee world,  at some point,  someone will buy coffees   for your group in a container like this. 

When it’s empty open up the cardboard box and you will find a decent quality bladder for transporting water in,  with care.  At a push you could  definitely boil water in it and it folds down to nothing.  The bladder holds 3.5litres a decent amount of water.

To make it even more robust you could fashion a cover to protect it. 

I hope this is helpful to everyone and shows that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on kit to get out into the woods.

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